The destination is not a place but a state of the mind.

Just for today I will not seek a place that I think is my finally destination but will find that peace and state of mind that is in my comfort zone and be one with self and my world I know that out side sources are just that out side of self and I will work on the inner self to be in love with my self to have abundance that I have been seeking for I now see everything I have seemed has been with in all the time its now learning self and being one with self and the universe. Knowing to that happiness will not come “when” it comes again from within self seeing that you are the creator of your happiness your health and wealth we are the creators of our lives and knowing not to place on people places and things. I Am the creator of all in my life and I choose healthy wealthy and thoughts of Happiness ever living in an Attitude of Gratitude for life.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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