I Am that I Am going to _______ no questions asked I Am

Just for today I know the power in the sentence of “I Am___” for I am that I Am going to have a great day I Am going to be successful in all that I am doing I Am doing the best I can with my life and all that is in it for I Am having the Health that Wealth and the Happiness I want and creating it with the power within me. Rather than saying I cant do this or that start by changing how you think and feel about what you are going to complete with I Am going to have a good day I am going to have my dream job I Am looking for that job now. I Am hang a change in life to a positive attitude and I will live each day ad the git that it is I Am living with an Attitude of Gratitude for all that goodness in life for I Am the creator of my life.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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