Sharing my happiness and wealth with ease.

Just for today I will be open to gifts coming into my day and life and if I see someone with out a smile I will give one freely for if I am open to receiving I can also give freely for I have happiness that I can share I have wealth I can share and health can be shared as will we all carry the gift of giving and to be open to getting gifts from the universe in return. Sometimes it is the small things we can do to help others spending time with someone who needs a friend or having someone to talk to you have just given a gift of such great value to them and it was your free time to be open to hear them, the more we do the greater the gifts from the universe or as some call God points how ever or what re you call your gift you know then you can share. Having that Attitude of Gratitude for All in life as we go though our day.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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