Just because I didn’t learn their way doesn’t mean I didn’t learn

Just for today day I will know that I and not what I was told I was or to be through going in the school system more than once I was told I was not able to learn I could not no matter what get good grades being called dumb, slow unable to do anything I was in their words unteachable went to special schools where trades were taught there for the first time in my life I get “A’s” in machine class’s, auto class and cooking. Learning I wasn’t the problem that I was told I was over and over took years to over come this stigma of repeating to me I was useless and would only be a hobo bum. There were many time in life where I believed I wasn’t successful but in later years I see just how successful I had become, like an old saying tell a fish its dumb because it cannot climb a tree and the fish believes their where a fish can swim up stream in heaver currents and not have any trouble where the monkey would surly have drowned. Tell your self just for today I can achieve anything I set my heart on for I Am the creator of my life and not the story’s bu others that are told to me. I Believe in my abilities now if I can over come what I was lead to believe so can you!

Visionary Bryan Smith



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