Unlearn what they told you that you couldn’t be.

Just for today I will learn something new I will throw caution to the wind and try new things even things I was told that I could not do or be if I am as a person that was told you cannot cook them I shall learn to cook too often society has told us men do men things and ladies do lady things then I ask why cannot a lady work on cars trucks, weld or do the “blue” jobs as too why cannot men do hose cleaning look after children of what is labeled “pink” jobs ? We are all equal we can do either pink or blue “jobs’ or thing’s today stand out to your self and do what you like to do and forget the label of the pink & blue you have the freedom to choose what you like to do in work home and play and true some things are left alone on the male female rolls of life for there is things that only males can do as things only women can do and too be open to sharing rolls in life as we go through life but not in competition be open and kind to all for we are all the same in may parts of life yet somethings are blue or pink.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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