If you think you are too old, you will mold!

Just for today I will plan and think of a new dream or a more lofty goal someone new something bold for if you listen to those who say you are to old you will grow mold as a child if you want to ride a bike at the age of 8 and all your friends had their bikes at 5 years of age then learn in your time as with the drivers license you don’t have to learn with friends did you learn when your are ready this apply to life goals you are never too old to start a new mind set now goal or dream a new dream. So many super successful people mastered their goals at a later age as with those who took that leap of faith to try something new, society has given the restriction of the age thinking when in fact age is wisdom and we gain wisdom at different stages in our life so sooner and some later its when you your self are ready to expand your horizons so get to planning that goal today.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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