Thoughts are the frequency to the universal mind.

Just for today I will be giving careful thought to what I would like to have or create in my life for thoughts Do become things and tuning into the universal mind with out thought frequency’s to create an abundant world around us its is Asking, Believing and then to Receive this does work with every person every time the trick is to master the creation process starting with little things coming to you through your thoughts. Today start with a cup or coffee or tea think of how you will enjoy this drink then start the creation process by getting up getting the water boiling the rater and run the water over your drink of choice seems easy now but when the first time you have to be told or study and learn how to make the drink, now you see how it starts working if you work your thoughts and frequency’s to create now sit back and attract your next thought and frequency to create things into your life.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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