Thoughts not only create but heal the mind & body.

Just for today I will have the knowledge that my thoughts not only create my world they also heal my mind & body by using positive thoughts to heal ones self we can over come most of the healing we need in life for if thoughts can create our world just think yes stop and think of how easy it would be to heal self. By placing our attention on healing over what is making us sick we can over come sickness and heal our selves, this isn’t some new magic it has been used since the dawn of time long before modern medicines and by placing thoughts on healing over why you are sick then you will see the healing process of positive thinking and creative thoughts to heal. Like in business remove the thoughts of what isn’t working and place them on what is as well looking at said problem and removing it and too in all things having that Attitude of Gratitude will work wonders.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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