Money magnet, Yes I am

Creating wealth can be done quit easily if one takes control over money and not money control you. One thing to ask your self do you have credit cards? Have you got them maxed out? Have an over draft maxed out? Then you should be able to see the signs that you can not handle your money. People that have mastered money have credit cards but have the money in hand and in the bank before they think to use them and pay them off in most cases the same day. People with money don’t go out buying all the latest toys or gizmos they go through and ask them selves, 1 do I need this, 2 will it serve me? 3 I will think about it I do see it is on sale one time only but if I really need it then the cost is nothing I have the money. Then they in most cases do not buy the save the money. Being frugal an old saying that means being fruit full having just what you have nothing more. This dent mean you don’t buy a new car when needed  buy thinking about the end cost  making sure you have the money.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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