To become a money magnet you must be Positivity charged

I hear people blaming the rich for their way of living and bills they have, Tis is how 90+% of people think Blaming others for they way of life. Once you learn  you have put your self into the place you are by your own way of living you can fast change your life and the money in the bank. I was taking to a good friend  on government assistance  wanting me to lend them money. We sat down to see where their money went ? they were getting more than enough to cover the bills and living expenses , they had premium home phone plan with Cable channels , cell phone  premium plan a “never never plan” car loan a loan on insurance eating out having high end coffee shop coffee daily. I asked why the fax line when you done have a fax?  Lap tops and computers all on loans from the shady shops. After a while they thought it was the banks and rich people doing this to them. We sat down again and went through there finances where they saw how foolish they were , Yet they said they were entitled to they way they live.Some people can learn new ways to live. I have another friend in the same place we sat down and set up a plan they liv within there means and have investments now and a job. If one changes the way you think you can life the dream life you think you are entitled to by earning it!

Visionary Bryan Smith



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