If you are not feeling good then have healthy thoughts. Believe in your healing.

Making your dreams become reality seems hard at first until you have the understanding of how the Law of Attraction works in your life this Law works if you know of it or not it is a constant in life, and works from your thoughts and thinking. If you are wanting happiness remove things that take your happiness away things like media, negative people and places and start to change your thoughts to more positive as with any thing you want follow the path to it if looking for love be that love as with money study and master all there is to know to attract it same with health ever notice doctors dont get sick working in and with sick people its because they do not give power to that what makes other ill. This you can apply to your life if your not feeling good do not put your attention it look to feelings of feeling good! With this you can have the Health the Wealth and Happiness you are wanting by putting your Attention On It.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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