When you know Thoughts become things you are a creator.

Just for today I have a deep understanding of how thoughts become things and these thoughts do become things in life in the creation process of our lives shining its going to be a great day and sure enough it is as with thinking this is a bad day and sure enough it is your thoughts reflect what your have in life thinking its the opposite sex that is your problems or it is them making your life hard and thats what you get as if you see people as wonderful and beautiful and that is what you have in your life. As with not liking your job your thinking you don’t like it and you have created a job you don’t like through thought take time to look around you and see that your problems are of your own thinking as with the goodness you have it is all in how you think as with wanting to have things in life think noting goes right for you and you have created this thinking everything goes right for you and you again have created this, like attracts like negative thoughts negative results as with positive thoughts positive results then adding that Attitude of Gratitude and life is truly a blessing by thoughts.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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