I have no fear as I see truth

Just for today I will tackle all of my problems head on things head on and what I fear I will look at and study to see that it wasn’t fear but lack of knowledge of what I thought would be something to fear once I have seen its was just a unknown challenge it was easy over come. I enjoy life teachings as I go through my day and life for if I take time to study and learn then I see not only the one side of story but both sides and then make a wise choice to embrace it or walk away from it the freedom of choice is a gift that lets one over come the unknown or feared. I will go though my day with a smile knowing too I have the choice to live in fear or in Happiness of our abundant world in which we live in adding that all important Attitude of Gratitude tunes my days into blessings good will and love for this I am grateful.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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