Using the power of intent ..

Just for today I will take note of all that I take on and the goals plus my dreams I have in store for my day I will start with a list of things that need to be done what I want done and that I hope to complete at times I have this list written down in order as to how I am creating them to be used as a friendly reminder to self. I will tackle this day with love and compassion feeling the emotions for my burning desires that I have in mind and on my goal list knowing this will give that feeling of already completed my daily goals. Some of my goals may have to be released to the universe trusting in the Law of Attraction to place into action all that I have set forth others that I have planned will just fall into place for this is my belief and my trust in not only my creative powers but the guidance of the universe our higher power. Yes intent and belief in the action of “Ask, Believe & Receive” to “Do, Be or Have” anything you want using this gift.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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