I am not giving up and quitting self.

Just for today I will stay steady holding on to my dream that lofty goal others have tried to bring me down or even sidetrack me yet I hold on to my dream I have set this goal in motion and I will never give up, I do have days where it seems all is lost and I am not gaining ground on my dream until I look at where I came from to where I am standing today. I know like a seed that is planted so is my dream sone seeds sprout and grow fast and sometime unexpected yet others like the oak tree take time to see the results as the roots take hold firmly in the slow growth and with this in mind I will keep watering and nourishing doing all I can and letting the universe do its part so today I will not give up even if I fell discouraged there is always hope if one holds steady and holds tight to that dream.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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